Process Overview

Step 1:Receiving of Raw Material from pre-approved vendors

Receiving of Raw Material and Packaging Material from Pre Approved Vender.

Step 2: Quality Check of the Raw Material & Packaging Materials

The In-house Quality Control team checks the pre-defined quality parameters of the raw material & packaging materials in the state-of-the-art laboratory.

Step 3: Gelatin Solution Preparation

A concentrated solution of gelatin is prepared by a fully Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) operated equipments avoiding any human intervention throughout the process. The viscosity of the gelatin solution, on the other hand, is a critical parameter as it affects the downstream manufacturing process and plays a major role in capsule shell wall thickness.

To remove the air bubbles, a vacuum is applied to the solution. Subsequently colourants are added to the solution as per customer requirements.

After physical, chemical, and microbiological testing, the gelatin is released for capsule production. The gelatin solution is then transferred to temperature-controlled tanks on the dipping machine where it is fed continuously into the dipping dishes.

The entire process has been executed in a way to ensure zero contamination out of equipments or manpower.

Step 4: Manufacturing

Most advanced capsule manufacturing machine is employed to manufacture and minimize manual intervention. Moisture content of the final product i.e., capsules are strictly controlled by “Automatic System”.

Step 5: Stripping and Trimming

After the gelatin is dried, the capsule is stripped off the mould and trimmed to the desired length.

Step 6: Joining of the trimmed capsule shell

Once trimmed, the two halves (the cap and body) are joined to the pre-closed position using a pre lock mechanism.

Step 7: Printing

Based on customer requirement capsules are printed on Linear or Circular mode by “Automatic Capsule Printing Machine”.

Step 8: In Process & Final Quality Check

The Quality Control Team supervises the Quality Parameters throughout the process by adopting “In-process Quality Control mechanism”.Quality Assurance Department ensures the uniformity of the product quality to meet Global standards.

Step 9: Packaging

Final product is directly packed on the production floor, without any human interface.<br>
The primary packaging materials of our product are Anti-Static Food Grade Poly bag which is finally packed in 5 ply corrugated box mm with thermocol sheet insulation for protection from heat.<br>

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